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Monday, September 17, 2018

How To Remove Pimple Marks On Face Naturally At Home

How To Remove Pimple Marks On Face Naturally At Home

Let us first get some important information about oily skin. People with oily skin often have a habit to get rid of their skin. The reason is, the (measure of how fast a liquid pours) of their face To show your skin oil free, we often wash our face with any soup or face wash. And leave him like that, which is very harmful to our skin.
How To Remove Pimple

Oily Skin Information About Oily Skin

If you stay in the house all day, then there is no need for face-wash again and again. By doing so, the glow of skin slowly gets lost. The best thing about Oily-Skin is that, on such a skin, the effect of wrinkle does not happen quickly. That is, compared to other skin, the effect of wrinkle on oily skin is late.

Dust sticks on the oily skin quickly, so that the pores of the pimples stop and the problem of Pimples rises/comes up. But oily skin from the proper care can also show the glow glow in beauty.

Pimple Problem

The most dangerous of pimples is oily skin. Due to too much/too many oils in the skin, the dirt in the air sticks on the face. By which the hair roots stop, and due to lack of proper cleaning, the problem of Pimple comes up.

Apart from this, due to many other reasons Pimples also cause that problem. Teenage years, thankfulness, mental stress, (inability to have a bowel movement), blood pressure, hormonalproblems, and unhealthy food like.

Some effective tips for getting rid of (having lots of red pimples)

Whenever you come from outside, wash your face with a medicated (mental concentration/picking up of a liquid) or face wash. Wash the face with plain water (more than two, but not a lot of) times a day.

1. Mix 1 tsp tomato juice into 1½ tsp spoon of lemon juice. Now, clean the face with the help of cutton, then wash the face with the (usual/ commonly and regular/ healthy) water.

2. Mix 2 tsp spoon curd and 1 tsp lemon juice, and make paste. Now put this paste on the face. After 10 minutes, clean the massaging with light hands. This will clear all the filth of the pores.

3. Mix the juice of the lemon into the cucumber juice and put it in the fridge, now put it on the face with cotton. Wash the face after some time. The face will bloom. If you like, you can use rosewater instead of lemon.

4. Clean the face with very hot water before sleeping in the night, but the water does not get very hot.

5.1 spoon multani clay, 1/2 t spoon (shoe held on with straps) powder, 1 tsp curd, make a paste of all of these, now use this paste as a utnoon. It is very helpful for oily skin.

6. Insert the red (shoe held on with straps)wood on the face before sleeping in the night; it will improve your skin.

Take home Remedy to get rid of pimples.

1. Mint
(Flavored with the leaves of the mint plant) is rich in methyl which reduces irritation in your mouth. Put the mint leaves the juice on your (having lots of red pimples) and after some time wash it with water.

2. Basil (तुलसी )
You can quickly get rid of the pimples from the basil paste. It's used to be regular. If you do not get fresh leaves, you can buy it from any of the near by products (that are bought and sold).

3. Fenugreek (मेथी )
Boil the fenugreek seeds or fenugreek seeds and make them paste and keep them on pimples for 10-15 minutes, then wash them with plain water. Fenugreek helps keep our face clean. This stain - removal of spots helps a lot.

4. Jasmine oil
Make a massage by mixing jasmine oil and putting it on the face while sleeping. Regularly doing this, along with facial (having lots of red pimples), its scars are also removed.

5. Gram flour
Mix the water in the gram flour in the morning and make a thick coating. Apply it on the face and after a while wash with plain water. This will also provide much relief from facial pimples and irritation due to it.

6. nutmeg
Rinse nutmeg with raw milk at night and sleep with a coating and wash the face in the morning. This makes the face shine. Also, the spike gets rid of the face from the spike and spots.

7. (a plant where they get soothing lotion from) Vera
A soothing lotion is used as a medicine. Place it in an infected place and wash the face after drying.

8. Cinnamon
Grate the cinnamon (a) little and grind it. Now keep this powder together with honey for 10-15 minutes. By continuously using this 5 to 6 weeks your fash will be completely cured.

9. Kapoor
Mix camphor with coconut oil on the (having lots of red pimples), and wash it after about 10 minutes, this recipe proves to be very effective in the pump.

10. cucumber
Cucumber keeps our skin healthy too. Using cucumber on the face, our face gets high-quality andour skin glows. You will see the effect of using cucumber paste in your mouth.

11. Potatoes
Raw potato peels are among the best home fixes (for diseases) for the potato to remove (having lots of red pimples). You put them on your (having lots of red pimples). Apart from this, you can also grind potato and make a paste by using it. Daily use of potatoes will give you a lot of benefits.

12. Lemon and rose water
Make a mixture by adding rose water to the lemon. Put this mixture on the face. After keeping half an hour wash the face with water. After making this experiment 10-15 days, the food is cured. After that you will leap out lemons in hot water and steam it, then you will get more quick benefits.

13. Neem
By making the paste of neem leaves and putting it on the affected area, the pimples are quickly removed. Apart from this, you can rub the bark of neem tree and make a paste of it too. Even the neem cooks of Neem's teeth can foil fencing on the face.

Take some good habits with these tips.

Clean your face daily
Drink plenty of water
Clean your stomach well
Improve your daily (something commonly done)  
Wash your face with water
Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco
Your face must be washed away from outside

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